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nwidfullSLSOptions class

Options set for full network identification with nwidfullSLS.


  • options = nwidfullSLSOptions  creates the default options set.
  • options = nwidfullSLSOptions(Name=Value,...)  creates a custom options set, with the default options overriden by the name-value arguments.


  • quality

    'very fast''fast' (default)'best'

    Governs the trade-off between quality of the estimate and computation time. The options are 'very fast', 'fast' (default), and 'best'.

  • max_iter

    Non-negative integer

    Maximum number of iterations in step 3 of the algorithm. The default value is 5 iterations.

  • T_conv

    Positive scalar

    Threshold at which the iterations in step 3 of the algorithm stop early.

  • ARX_orders

    Array of positive integers

    ARX model orders attempted. The SLS algorithm selects the best order from this array automatically. The default value is [2 6 10 14 18]

  • WLS

    [L,L][L,L] positive definite matrix

    Determines the weight for the ARX estimate in step 1 of the algorithm.

  • regularization

    'none' (default)'TC''SE''SS''HF''DI''DC'

    Regularization kernel for the ARX estimation in step 1 of the algorithm.